What Should your Office Staff's Daily Routine Look Like?

Contributor(s): Amber Smith, Jorine Jones, Linda Petry

Implementing a consistent routine allows you to manage your database effectively. Here are some suggested daily procedures to help you stay ‘on top of it’.

Post Payments Received

As you receive cash or check payments at the front desk, make sure you enter them immediately into Jackrabbit. You can print a receipt for your customer if needed.

Run Deposit Slip Report

If you accept cash at your facility, it is important to reconcile your cash drawer each day. Use the Deposit Slip report, filtered to only show cash, to ensure what is entered in Jackrabbit matches the cash on hand.

Print your Deposit Slip report and use it for your bank deposit.

The Deposit Slip report is organized by payment method, making it easy to reconcile all payments received at your facility.

Log in to your Gateway Virtual Terminal

Jackrabbit initiates ePayments (Credit Card and Bank Draft payments) which flow through your Virtual Terminal. It is a good idea to make sure both sides match. Compare your ePayment transactions with your Virtual Terminal. There is a detailed description of this process in our Help Center article Bank Reconciliation When Using ePayments.

Paid Fees Report

The Paid Fees Report, showing detail, can help you find unapplied payments that can be linked to unpaid fees. Checking this report daily will help you locate unapplied payments quickly so they can be linked easily.

Class Overview

Your list of active classes allows you to see which classes have openings, future drops, and waitlists at a glance. Scan the Size/Max and Wait columns to see if there are classes that are full or have a large wait list. Is it time to add another class?

The Weekly Calendar is another great way to see your classes at a glance. The Weekly Calendar button is available from your Dashboard and the Calendar button appears in the top right corner of each screen. 

Recent Enrollments

Run an Enroll History report for the previous day to create a list of students who are newly enrolled. The results page allows you to email the students who are new to your program from the list. 

Recent Drops

Run a Drop History report for the previous day to create a list of students who were dropped from classes. Make sure any related fees are removed from the family’s account, if needed.

Incomplete Time Entries 

If you are using the Jackrabbit Time Clock, keep an eye on your Dashboard for any Incomplete Time Entries. Address these with your staff as soon as possible to ensure accurate records and eliminate issues prior to the payroll deadline.

Incomplete Staff Portal Attendance

Check your Dashboard for Classes with Incomplete Staff Portal Attendance. You can add a message to the instructor’s portal directly from here, asking them to complete attendance. If your database is set up for texting, you can text them from this report as well!

New Registrations and Enrollments

The Key Metrics section of your Dashboard is a great place for you to see a snapshot of new registrations and enrollments. During a heavy registration period, it is best to do this daily. 

Use the Class Registrations to be processed in the last X days link to process registrations from new families and enrollments from existing families, all in one place. It is important to verify all related fees have been posted (registration fee, tuition, etc). Depending on your settings, fees may post automatically. We recommend you review the Process Class Registrations Report article for more detailed information and instructions.

As you confirm registrations and enrollments are correct and have been processed, you can mark them as complete! 

Registration fees for Parent Portal enrollments will need to be posted by a Jackrabbit user. Use Post Annual Fees to post registration fees to all enrollments within a chosen date range at once!

Daily Checklist

Day-to-day procedures are an essential to your running your business. Keep in mind, all organizations are different. Use these suggestions to devise the best daily to-do list that works for you and your staff. 

Check out our sample daily checklist below!