Use the Events Module for Birthday Parties to Capture Family Information, Waivers, and Party Details

Using the Events module to organize your birthday parties allows you to easily promote your offerings and allow your customers to reserve a party on your website 24/7!

With the option to set up birthday party events requiring all attendees to register (as opposed to only the booking family) you can:

  • Capture waivers before families come to the birthday party.
  • Cut down the lines at the front desk for checking birthday party kids in.
  • Keep everyone's waivers in the same place.
  • Have notification emails sent to the birthday party host when guests register.
  • Allow the host family to have a unique URL to share information about the party with their guests.
  • Transfer the contact information of birthday party attendees to the Lead File and market to them in the future!

How to Set Up a Birthday Party Event

The first step is to create an Event Type in your database (Events > Add Event Type), for example Event Type = "Birthday Party", and add the Event Dates/Times.

  • To allow only 1 family to book the party use these settings: Maximum Size = 1, Post Event Fee Per = Family.
  • Add Questions if you wish such as "How old is the birthday child?" or "Will you want to serve cake?". If the Allow Enrollment For field is set to Family, you may want to add a question "What is the birthday child's name?".
  • Add your waivers, or agreement text, to the Agreements tab of the Event Type.
  • Create Dates/Times for each day and time that you have an available party.

When you have that done the next thing you'll want to do is create an event page on your website where your families can make a reservation. For example, a birthday page for hosting their child's birthday with you.

How to Set Up a Birthday Party Event for All Attendees to Register

Step 1

Once a family books the general birthday party event, create a new Event Type for the specific event.

Harriet Smith wants to host a party for her son, Max, who is an active student in your database. Your birthday calendar has parties available every Saturday at 3pm. Harriet books Saturday January 6, 2018. Your event calendar will now show the Saturday 1/6/18 event as booked (closed).

  • Create a new Event Type for Max's party "Max Smith Birthday Party"
     - Class Maximum Size = # of guests that can attend
     - Fee = $0 or blank
     - Allow Enrollment For = Student
     - Credit Card Required = No
     - Post Event Fee Per = Do not post fee
     - Notification Email (Summary tab) = the parent's email to allow them to be notified as attendees register
     - No Questions are required for the new Event Type
     - Enter any required waivers/agreements for each party guest to agree to
  • Create 1 Date/Time for the date that was booked for Max's party (January 6, 2018)

Step 2

Create a "Find Your Event" page or section on your website and list all upcoming specific/booked events. This is where party attendees can be directed to go to register and electronically sign waivers/agreements.

Method 1 - Calendar view of all specific (booked) birthday parties

All booked birthday parties will be listed in a calendar view by filtering the calendar to the category given to the parties.

  1. Create a Category  2 or 3 for specific(booked) birthday parties. We recommend using a Category 2 or 3 for filtering as Category 1 is used for revenue tracking.
    Example: Where Category 1 is "Birthday Parties", Category 2 could be "Booked Birthday Parties"
  2. Create a link on your website for just booked birthday parties by filtering your Event Calendar for the category you created. See our Help article Filter Your Online Event Calendar for instructions.

Method 2 - Individual links to specific (booked) birthday parties

  1. Go to Tools > Online Web Registration > Events Calendar/Registration.
  2. Click the View Monthly Events Calendar link to open the external Event Calendar. You must use the external Event Calendar as this is the link necessary to access the event from outside your database.
  3. Click the event date/time to get the link for the specific birthday party, for example Max Smith's birthday party.
  4. When the event registration form opens, copy the URL that is located in your browser address bar. This is the link you will add to your website for attendees of Max Smith's birthday party.

Step 3

Use the List Event Dates & Times report (Events > List Dates & Times) to view event status and monitor the number enrolled.

This process increases your student totals. Jackrabbit charges you based upon student totals (inactive and active). Use the Lead File on a regular basis to archive families whose students were event attendees. See The Lead File for details on this excellent marketing tool.