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Why would you want to follow Jackrabbit on Facebook (only one of our many social channels)? Here are 3 big reasons:

  1. We’re full of information! We share links to our blog content – which means you have quick links to the most valuable posts including the latest and most relevant enhancement details, product tips, training opportunities, coming features, customer successes, and business information that will help you improve the way operate your business and interact with your students, parents and employees. We also share important information like our office closings, Support's hour information and pertinent details about the software that you use every day.
  2. We’re all about opportunities! In addition, to Jackrabbit’s business fan page, you can join the Jackrabbit Facebook Software User Group. This group has its own amazing benefits (ask questions of just your peer users, see ways others do things, develop friendships with peers in your industry and in other industries that use Jackrabbit, learn about beta test opportunities, qualify for special giveaways… Here is the link, but we’ve made this a closed group for you, so you’ll have to request permission to join.
  3. We’re just fun to watch! Jackrabbit is a fun company! We do lots of fun and exciting things as a group, as departments, and as individuals. One of the best ways to keep up with all of our fun is our Facebook Fan page. You’ll see evidence of department lunches, team building events, company retreats, parties and social events (like going to baseball games and concerts) and company-wide fitness challenge pictures. You’ll also learn a little about many of Jackrabbit’s team members who share customer visits, spontaneous moments at trade shows and conferences and milestones that are important to each of us and our peers. 

You can also follow us on our other social media channels: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pintrest! 

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