Setting up Classes That Meet on Multiple Days at Different Times

Jackrabbit allows you to select multiple days that a class meets but it assumes that the class is held at the same time each day. 

What if your class on Monday meets at 4:30 and the same class on Wednesday meets at 7:30? How do you set up these classes in Jackrabbit?

Using our example above, create two separate classes, one for each day and time:

  • One class that meets Mondays at 4:30
  • One class that meets Wednesdays at 7:30

In the description field of each Class record (Summary tab), include details explaining that the class is one of two and students must enroll in both classes. For additional instructions, check out the Help section on Classes / Lessons.

Since the classes are counted separately in your database, you should assign the full tuition fee to one class (i.e. Monday) and enter zero as the tuition fee for the second class (i.e. Wednesday). This will keep you from double charging families with students in these classes. 

If you are using the Discounting/Pro-rating feature, you will also want to set one class up with a discount rule (if you offer multi-class discounts) and the other with no discount to keep from double-discounting your tuition! You can also choose to prorate one class, if you prorate tuition to keep from over-prorating. Check out the Help article Post Tuition Fees to learn more about the discounting rules and let Jackrabbit do the work for you!

After your classes are created with the correct settings, your office staff can enroll students in both classes as needed. If you allow parents to enroll from the Parent Portal, you can use the Key Metric section on your Executive Dashboard to confirm that parents have enrolled their students in both classes. Keep in mind, this will skew enrollment reports if these classes are included in your search criteria.