Class / Lesson FAQ

Why should I archive classes instead of just dropping the students and changing the session and dates of a class?

How can I search for classes with openings?

What happens to the transactions for a family when I archive the class?

Why don't my Weekly / Daily classes display or print in color?

How do I set the maximum number of students we'll allow on our wait list for a class?

Can I post tuition to an archived class?

How can I email a class wait list?

What's the best practice for setting up a new session of classes and archiving the old session's classes?

Why are makeups that have passed still showing when I click on the link in the class detail on the Weekly Calendar?

If I restore a class that had future enrollment in it when it was archived, will the future enrollment be restored as well?

Can I edit a group of classes at once?

How are Adjusted Openings calculated?