Class / Lesson FAQ


Why should I archive classes instead of just dropping the students and changing the session and dates of a class?
If you simply modify an existing class and drop the students from it, there is no Enrollment History recorded for the class.  By dropping the students through the Archive process, the class enrollment is retained as history and is available...
How can I search for classes with openings?
Go to the Classes (menu) > All Classes and use the top scrollbar to scroll over to the Classes with Openings  data visual. Click the large blue number (that's the number of classes with openings) and all classes with openings will d...
What happens to the transactions for a family when I archive the class?
All transaction history remains the same.  Archiving classes does not impact Student or Family information.  
Why don't my Weekly / Daily classes display or print in color?
Colors must be assigned to a Category 1 (Income Categories) field using the  Gear (icon)  > Settings > General > Drop-down Lists (left menu) > Class Category 1  and a Category 1 field must be assigned to each class in...
How do I set the maximum number of students we'll allow on our wait list for a class?
Set the maximum number of students that can be added to a class wait list on the specific Class Summary page.  In the Openings/Size/Wait section, enter the maximum number allowed on the Wait List under MaxWait .  Click Save Changes ....
Can I post tuition to an archived class?
Once a class has been archived, it is not possible to post tuition to the class using Transactions > Post Tuition Fees.
What's the best practice for setting up a new session of classes and archiving the old session's classes?
Prior to archiving an ending session, ensure that you posted all fees to the old session, created the new session name, and copied classes to it if applicable.  Please refer to Transition to a New Session to step by step instructions. ...
How can I email a class wait list?
Go to the Class page, and click the Wait List tab.  Click the Email Wait List button to email only the students on the wait list for the class.
Why are makeups that have passed still showing when I click on the link in the class detail on the Weekly Calendar?
Absences and make-ups within 5 days of the day you view the Future Drops & Enrolls page are shown. For example if you view the page on Friday, absences and make-ups from Monday will show. If you view it again on Saturday, the absences from Mon...
If I restore a class that had future enrollment in it when it was archived, will the future enrollment be restored as well?
Yes.  Restoring a class will also restore any future enrollment.
Can I edit a group of classes at once?
Use Classes > Edit All Classes to quickly edit a group of classes.
How are Adjusted Openings calculated?
Adjusted openings are shown in the class search pages when enrolling or transferring students  from within your database. Adjusted Openings are displayed for informational purposes only. This number does not control if a student can enroll in...
Is there a quick way to add multiple private lessons?
Creating Private Lessons slots can be a time consuming task if your organization has a large amount of private lessons each week. Here is a great way to streamline this process using an Excel spreadsheet!  Add Classes using the Importer Spre...