Search Classes

Watch a (2:08) video tutorial on Searching Classes

Classes > Search provides tons of information!!  It can be used to search and view:

  • a list of all classes (leave all search criteria blank to pull a list of all classes; click Submit.)
  • open slots in instructor schedules.
  • room availability
  • enrollment per class (names, openings, absences, makeups, future enrollment)
  • classes based on skills
  • and much more

  1. Point to Classes in the menu bar and click Search.
  2. Enter applicable Search Criteria (or leave all criteria blank to report on all classes).
  3. Choose a button (Submit, Weekly View, Daily View, Room View) at the bottom or at the top.


Click Submit to display a listing of classes with searchable fields. Click the Show/Hide Columns button to show or hide specific columns on the page.  Use the Search field at the top of a column to search a column.

Weekly View

Click Weekly View to display a week-long calendar of classes.  Learn more about Weekly View in the Calendars / Schedules topic.

Daily View

Click Daily View to display a single date's class schedule by Instructor and by Instructor Skills. Learn more about Daily View in the Calendars / Schedules topic.

Room View

Room View displays a single date's class schedule by room.   The first column defaults to No Room.  Any class not assigned to a room on the date searched will display in this column.  Learn more about Room View in the Calendars / Schedules topic.