Credit Card ePayment FAQ


Why can't I see the whole credit card number?
PCI Compliance requirements, implemented by Visa and Master Card, do not allow Jackrabbit to store credit card information. Credit card information is both masked and vaulted within your database as part of PCI Compliance standards.
What is credit card masking?
Only the first digit and last four digits of a credit card are available for viewing.  The remaining digits are unavailable or 'masked'.
What is credit card vaulting?
This is an additional security measure provided by your gateway. When a credit card is entered into your Jackrabbit database, it is immediately sent to your gateway.  The gateway adds it to its 'vault' and assigns it a Vault ID.  T...
What does it mean if I get a decline code? What should I do?
The Declined Response and the Reason Codes are created by your gateway/merchant provider (not by Jackrabbit).  To determine why a credit card was declined, contact your gateway provider or log into your virtual terminal for an explanation...
Can I use a card swiper to make ePayments?
Yes, you can use a card swiper with Jackrabbit. You must purchase the encrypted credit card reader from your gateway provider. This encryption makes capturing credit card information more accurate and secure.           Ca...
Is there a limit to the number of credit cards that can process in one batch?
There is a limit of 1500 cards per batch.  If you are processing more than 1500 cards, you'll need to run Transactions > Process Credit Cards/Bank Accts . more than one time.
I had a communication error with my gateway while I was processing ePayments. How can I be sure I don't double-charge the involved families?
To prevent a duplicate transaction from being processed to a family's credit card, we recommend you enable duplicate detection with your gateway.  When this is enabled, a second transaction within a defined time range that is the same amoun...
What does it mean if I get declined code that indicates that the transaction is a duplicate?
If you attempt to process a payment for the same amount for a family/account within a 1 minute period, you'll receive an error message that says, A Payment for the same amount was processed for this family/account.  Check your gateway/virt...
Why are some payments made with a Visa or MasterCard gift card being declined?
Using Visa or MasterCard "gift cards" as a payment method can have inconsistent results.  It is entirely up to the issuing bank as to whether they will approve or decline a transaction funded by a gift card. The issuing bank looks...