Email FAQ

Can I email a student or family their current schedule?

Can I create student schedule emails to be sent at a later time?

Can I attach a file to an email sent from within Jackrabbit?

If I send an email to a group of people, does Jackrabbit display all the email addresses in the To field?

If the same email address in more than one contact record in the same family, will they get multiple emails?

When I send an email from within Jackrabbit what is displayed in the From field?

How do I edit or add email addresses shown in the "Email Replies Sent To" and "Send Additional Emails To" selections?

Is there a report that lists families that have no email address on file?

How do I embed an image into an email sent from within Jackrabbit?

How can I send a mass email outside of Jackrabbit?

Why aren't some of my emails being received?

One of my families is not receiving their emails, how can I get them the information?

Can I email a class that has been archived?

Can I create a report that shows me who has opted out of mass emails?

I accidentally deleted a one of the professionally designed templates. Can I add it back?

I need to send an email to a group of people who don't match any of the search criteria in Families > Email Families. Is there a way to send a mass email to email addresses that have no 'group'?

What is email validation?

How can our customers "whitelist" (add to Safe Senders) the emails we send to them that come from Jackrabbit's servers?

How can I see an email I sent to a family last month?

Does Jackrabbit integrate with any crm systems?