Enroll an Existing Student from the Family Record

  1. Make sure you are viewing the correct family. You can use the Global Quick Search field or point to Families and click List All Families to locate the family.    
  2. From the Family Page, click the Enroll link next to the student's name.    
  3. Active classes will be displayed in a pop-up window for selection. To narrow the results, filter classes using the filter drop-downs.; To enroll the student, click the Enroll link next to the appropriate class.     
  4. The Enrollment Details pop-up box will display ONLY if Allow Future Enrollments  is set to Yes in Tools > Edit Settings > Organizational Defaults. If Allow Future Enrollments = No, this box will not display and the user will be directed to the Post Enrollment Fees window (Step 5).  In the Enrollment Details pop up window, select an Enroll Date.  Select an Enroll Type (if different from the default, Enrolled). Select a Future Drop Date and a Future Drop Reason if applicable.  If you have set Tools > Edit Settings > Organizational Defaults > Send Enrollment Email to Instructor to Yes, you'll also see an Email Primary Instructor checkbox.  When checked, an enrollment confirmation is sent to the primary instructor of the class.  If you have Allow Future Enrollments set to No, an email confirmation is automatically sent and no choice is offered.  See Class Settings for more information on the Send Enrollment Email to Instructor setting.    
  5. In the Post Enrollment Fees window, post the class tuition fee, if applicable, by clicking Post Fees.  You may also choose to post an additional fee(s) at this time (i.e. registration fee) if needed.  To avoid posting any fee, click the Close button only. For additional details on posting fees, see Post a Fee / Bill a Customer.