ePayment Receipts

Jackrabbit automatically sends a receipt via email for an approved ePayment. You can also optionally send an automatic email receipt for a declined, voided or refunded ePayment. These receipts can be customized from the Credit Cards/Bank Accounts Settings from Tools on the main menu. Note: In order to see this option in the Tools menu the User ID must have the Credit Cards/Bank Accounts Settings permission in the Tools section. Edit User ID permissions from the Tools menu > Manage Users & Permissions.

If you would like to completely suppress all automatic ePayment receipts contact Jackrabbit Support and a representative will be able to update your database settings to reflect this.

 Who Receives the Email Receipt?

  • When using the Use Card/Acct on File button or Transactions >Process Credit Cards/Bank Accts, the email receipt is sent to the Contact who has Billing Contact set to Yes.
  • When the Enter/Swipe Card button is used, Jackrabbit offers an option of sending or not sending an email receipt to the Contact with Billing Contact set to Yes and offers a field to send to another email address as well.

  To set up your preferences for ePayment receipts:

  1. Point to Tools and click Credit Cards/Bank Accounts Settings. Click Receipts on the left menu.
  2. Enter the Reply To Email address where you would like to receive replies from emailed receipts. If this is blank, the organization email address will be used.
  3. Select Yes to Include Link to Parent Portal as a Jackrabbit Best Practice. This will add link to the Parent Portal with text directing the family to click to access their account.
  4. Change Include itemized fees? to No if you do not want your receipt to show all individual fees linked to the payment, this setting defaults to Yes. See below for examples.
  5. Scroll down to Approved Email Receipt Settings. These settings define what will be sent by email to a customer when their ePayment is approved.  Enter an Approved Email Subject and Header Text.  
  6. Set Send Email to Yes or No for Declined Transaction Email, Send Void Transaction Email and Send Refund Transaction Email.  Enter a Subject and Header Text as appropriate.
  7. Scroll up and click Save Changes.

Approved Receipt Examples