Events FAQ

How are events different from classes in Jackrabbit?

Can I view classes and events together so I can make sure rooms aren't double-booked?

What do the different Event Status options mean?

I don't understand what a Web Reg Form Graphic URL is or how to add it?

When a new family registers via our Event Registration form, the form only asks for family information. Why aren't there fields for student information?

How can I edit the email confirmation message that is sent for online Event registrations?

What if an existing family attempts to register via the event registration form (instead of the portal). Will a duplicate family record be created?

Can I add the option for families to pay via e-check when registering for an event?

Can I email all the participants of an event?

My event is not listed on the Event Calendar!

Can I automatically add tax to Event Fees?

How can I quickly add multiple dates for an event that occurs on the same day and at the same time each week?

Why does the instructor have (Inactive) beside their name?

Why can't I make my checkbox event question required?