Family FAQ

Can Jackrabbit split billing between two contacts or allow for billing two credit cards in one family?

What does Prospect on the Family Misc tab mean?

Can I mass delete information that is filled in under a Family's User-defined fields?

How can we merge duplicated families?

Will a family in the Lead File be found by Jackrabbit's family duplicate detection when they re-register?

How can I view / print a family's registration? How can I view / print a registration to show a parent they e-signed our policies?

When I register a family using Families > Quick Registration/Add Family, there is no option to sign our agreement text (legalese). Why?

On the Family Misc tab, in the "Notes" box, can the text we enter here be seen by the family in their portal?

How can I prove a family accepted our agreement text (legalese)? Where is their e-Signature located?

How can I see a family's entire transaction history?

Is it possible to flag a delinquent account?

I merged the wrong 2 family accounts, how can I undo this?