Future Enrollment - An Overview

See a short (2:57) video tutorial on Future & Wait List Enrollment

Your organization's Jackrabbit database has the ability to enroll students with a future start date. This feature is not active in your database unless you edit your settings to make it available. Change this setting as follows:

  1. Point to Tools and click Edit Settings.    
  2. Scroll down to the Class Enrollment Settings area.    
  3. Set Allow Future Enrollments to Yes.    
  4. Save Changes    
  5. Log out of Jackrabbit and log back in for the change to become active.

Important Notes on Future Enrollments

  • The Executive Dashboard Alert WaitList for Classes with Openings link takes Future Enrolls into account. If your organization allows future enrollments, the report shows the Future Enroll count and the adjusted openings account.  If the adjusted openings count is less than 1, it will appear in yellow.
  • It's possible to allow Future Enrolls to impact the openings in a class to prevent overbookings with Quick Registration.  In Tools > Online Web Registration > Settings, set Should Future Enrollments affect Openings = Yes for Quick Registration. Future Enrolls always affects the openings count for online registration in order to prevent a family from creating an overbooking during online enrollment.
  • Future Enrolls are enrolled and active in the class on the date of the future enrollment at 5 am Eastern time.