General ePayment FAQ

I'm confused about how to set up ePayments and how to process them.

Why not Square or Paypal?

What if I have multiple locations and bank accounts? Can I still use ePayments?

I have multi-location gateways set up. How do a switch a customer from one gateway to another?

How long does it take to set up ePayment processing in Jackrabbit?

What is a virtual terminal or VT?

Can I schedule ePayment batches to occur automatically?

How do I stop a credit card payment once it has been submitted?

How can I designate which types of credit cards we accept? For example, we don't accept American Express. How can we prevent a customer from entering American Express credit card details when using online registration? Also, we don't accept Bank Accounts. How can we prevent a customer from entering banking account information when using online registration?

I just processed ePayments for the first time. When will the money show up in my bank account?

If a family has both a credit card and a bank account on file, what determines which one is used?

I am located in Australia, can I use ePayments in Jackrabbit?

I am located in New Zealand, can I use ePayments in Jackrabbit?