Import Data - FAQs

How do I export my data OUT of my current software program?

Where do I send my files?

Can I send my Mailing List or Registration Form for uploading?

The import service is free, correct?

How long does it take for you to import my data?

How will I know when my import is finished? And what to do after it is in?

Is there anything I can do while I am waiting on my import to complete?

I don't have an existing spreadsheet of my data. Do you have a recommended or sample spreadsheet that I can use?

Can I import my data myself?

Can family data be imported directly into the Lead File?

Do you import any financial data?

If our files don't contain the current family balance, how do I get this information into each family?

We use UK date format of dd/mm - is that a problem?

What if I have several Locations, each with a different file? Is there a charge for multiple files due to multiple Locations?

What if we import during a Free Trial, and by the time we purchase Jackrabbit, our current data has significantly changed?

After the import is complete, can I send another file that can add more information to the families that were previously imported?

Do I have to import my new families every month?

I used the Import spreadsheet to import my Skills but nothing imported - what could be wrong?

Can the Skills be imported directly into my classes or students?