Launch the Barcode Scanner

Go to the Classes (menu) > Attendance Barcode Reader. Each time the scanner is launched you must set Attendance Barcode options. In the Attendance Barcode Options pop-up box, make choices as applicable. 

Attendance Date - Defaulted to the current date. Use the calendar icon to change.

Show Family Info - Set to Yes if the computer monitor faces the owner/staff. If set to Yes, student picture (if uploaded), name, age, class, family address, phone, balance, problem account status displays on the screen. Set to No if the computer monitor faces the student. If set to No, the student picture, name, age, and class displays.

Mark student present for
  • Set to All Classes to mark student present for all enrolled classes that day.
  • Set to Single Class to mark a student present for a single class.
  • Set to None-Lookup Student Only to verify membership (but not record attendance.)

Page refresh timeout (seconds) - Set the number of seconds the student info is displayed before resetting for the next student.  

Launch fullscreen - Defaulted to checked (yes). Uncheck to remain in pop-up window.