Locations - An Overview

Locations in Jackrabbit most commonly represent different facilities (physical locations) operating under the same business organization.

Example: Jackrabbit has 2 physical locations in which they operate, one in Houston, TX and another in Dallas, TX. Their JackrabbitLocations may look like this.

Jackrabbit Locations can also represent different 'arms' of a business operating in a common facility.

Example: Jackrabbit is a gym that also operates a childcare in the facility. Their Jackrabbit Locations may look like this

Both Families and Classes are assigned a Location within a Jackrabbit database. All revenue is organized by the Family Location by default.Example: Fees are posted to a family whose Locationis Meadow for tuition fees for a class that is assigned a Location of Prairie. The fee is then paid. When running revenue reports, this revenue would be found under the Meadow Location.

The Revenue Summary report offers the option to report on revenue based on the Location of the class.