Next Gen Experience Resource Center

Jackrabbit is built for business owners like you, owners who are passionate about their craft, and have a strong mission to deliver memorable experiences for their students and parents. 

We look to you to tell us what you need from your business software; your feedback is a key driver of the enhancements we put out. We have collected your feedback and have put it into action! Improving the tools you need to run your business has been at the heart of our recent enhancements as we strive to make your workflow more efficient. 

With the Next Generation experience you can expect to complete many of your tasks from one more hopping around!

  • Simplified Menus reduce clutter and quickly get you to the data that runs your business.
  • Smart Grids allow you to organize your data precisely how you want to visualize it, and from these views, it’s  easy to take action with multiple records at once (referred to as mass actions).
  • Data Visuals provide a quick overview of your Families and Students and allow you to instantly filter your grid data with a simple click. The 'donuts' and links provide a snapshot of locations, statuses, unpaid fees, absences and more.
  • The Filter Drawer allows you to quickly find and filter your Families and Students to create a customized report, drilling down to exactly what you need.
  • Mass Actions allow you to quickly and easily apply actions such as applying a note, a fixed fee, or an ePayment schedule to multiple Families or Students at once. You can also use row actions to take action with a single Family/Student. All of this from the same page!

We have compiled these Jackrabbit Help Center articles and video tutorials so you can learn exactly how these improved tools work to maximize your workflows! Use the links to access the resources.


Other Resources

We are focused on improving the overall experience for Users, to simplify their tasks, reduce redundancy and provide a more modern, intuitive experience. Ultimately, we want you to be prepared for what’s ahead. We will do our best to make smart design decisions and roll them out with thought and care. It's coming, it is going to be awesome, and we can't wait for you to join us on this exciting journey!