Payment Receipts - An Overview

There are several ways to create a receipt for a customer. If you have a company address saved in Tools > Edit Settings > Organization Defaults, it will display in the From section. Your company logo can display if it is saved as a jpeg or gif file in Tools > Edit Settings > Organization Logo.

If you are printing the receipt, keep in mind that it will print to 8 1/2 x 11 (letter size) paper only. If you use a receipt printer, it must be able to print to letter sized paper.  

If you would like to email a receipt, we suggest you use Print/Email a Statement as a Payment Receipt or consider attaching the receipt to an email using a PDF converter. PDF converters can be found by internet search. Some examples are: Adobe Acrobat ($$$); Cute PDF (free download), PrimoPDF (free download).

ePayment receipts are sent by email whenever an ePayment is transacted. See Print / Email Statement as Payment Receipt for instructions on how to set up these email receipts.