Post Tuition Fees - By Class Fee

Jackrabbit gives you the option to Post Tuition Fees billed by Class Fee to multiple families at one time, this is referred to as a batch or batch billing. 

Go to Transactions (menu) > Post Tuition Fees and select the criteria for the classes you would like to post tuition for. After criteria selection is complete, click the Preview Tuition Fees button. This will generate a Preview Tuition Fees list. 

What's my next step? After you select your settings and criteria to generate a Preview Tuition Fees list, as described in this article, go to Preview and Post Tuition Fees by Class Fee to post the tuition fees. 

If you have some classes billed By Class Fee and some billed By Total Hours, you will run Post Tuition fees twice because each method has separate settings and criteria options.

Billing Settings By Class Fee

Make selections in this section for Billing Method, Billing Cycle, and choose a date to post the tuition.
Post to classes with this Billing MethodSelect By Class Fee to post tuition for classes with the Billing Method of By Class Fee.
Post tuition to classes with this Billing CycleSelect your Tuition Billing Cycle if you use more than one Billing Cycle. You can only post tuition for one Billing Cycle at a time. If you use more than one Billing Cycle for your By Class Fee classes, you will run Post Tuition Fees separately for each Billing Cycle.
Billing Cycle start dateYou must have a Billing Cycle start date. If you select By Session Dates as the Billing Cycle, the Billing Cycle start date will pre-populate with the start date of the session selected. These dates are determined under the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Drop-down Lists (left menu) > Session.

When you use Weekly, Monthly, or Custom Billing Cycles, you must choose a billing cycle start date. 

  • For Weekly Billing Cycles, you can select from 10 previous billing cycles or 15 future billing cycles, including the current billing cycle. 
  • For Monthly or Custom Billing Cycles, you can select from 3 previous billing cycles or 12 future billing cycles, include the current billing cycle.
Tuition post date

The tuition post date will default to the first day of the Billing Cycle selected, but can be edited and does not have any impact on your Billing Cycle start date. This is simply the date that you would like 'stamped' on the tuition fee transaction.

For example, you may post tuition fees on the 15th of each month for the upcoming month. It's March and you are posting tuition for April - you would select the Billing Cycle start date 4/1/2020 and you would change the Tuition post date to 4/1/2020.

Note: Use the CTRL (Command on Mac) key to select multiple Sessions or Categories.

Class Criteria

Select the sessions, classes and discount rules in this section.

Post to classes with this sessionSelect one or more sessions for the Post Tuition Fee batch.
Post to classes with this Category 1, 2, 3Select one or more Category 1, Cat 2, Cat 3 to narrow down the classes.
Use these Tuition Discount RulesSelect the applicable Tuition Discount Rules.

If a class is missing any of the selected criteria, on the Summary tab of the Class record, it will NOT be included in the tuition billing. Use Classes (menu) > Edit All Classes to quickly locate and correct classes with missing information.

Family Criteria

To post tuition fees to all families in the classes you have selected, leave these fields blank.

Family SearchSelect a specific family to post tuition fees to by searching their last name.
Family LocationSelect families from a specific Location to include in the batch.
Membership TypeFilter families with the Membership Type  you select. The Membership Type is located on the Billing Info tab of the Family record. You can only select one Membership Type per batch.
ePayment ScheduleFilter families with the ePayment Schedule you select. The ePayment Schedule is located on the Billing Info tab of the Family record. You can only select one ePayment Schedule per batch.
Family Discount RulesFilter families with a Family Discount Rule assigned on the Billing Info tab of the Family record. See our Help article Family Discount Rule for more details.

Additional Settings

There are a number of Additional Settings that can be selected when posting tuition fees.

Post tuition to active classes onlyWhen selected, Jackrabbit will pull only classes with a Status = Active into the tuition batch.
Post tuition to students with Enroll Type=TrialWhen selected, students who have an Enroll Type of Trial will be included in this tuition billing.
Post tuition to students with Enroll Type=WaitlistWhen selected, students who have an Enroll Type of Waitlist will be included in this tuition billing.
Include all classes with calculating multi-class discounts

When Jackrabbit counts classes for multi-class discounts, it counts only the classes that matched the criteria you selected. If you want Jackrabbit to include all classes the student is enrolled in, select this check box. Even though classes may not have the assigned Tuition Billing Cycle and or Tuition Discount Rule, they will still be included for the discount calculation. The classes are only used for the purposes of the discount calculation; tuition fees for those classes will not post because they did not match your selected criteria.

Also, if this check box is selected, Jackrabbit will look at the sum of these class tuition fees to determine the highest/lowest for both multi-class and multi-student discounting.

Apply tax to tuitionIf you have Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Organization Defaults > Tax Settings > Tax Tuition Fees = Yes, you'll have the option to apply tax to the batch or not.
If you Prorate Tuition Fees, you'll see two additional options.

Prorate tuition for future enrollments during Billing CycleWhen selected,  Jackrabbit will prorate tuition for any student that has a future enrollment during the Billing Cycle. If you do not allow future enrollments, found under the Gear icon > Settings > General > Organization Defaults > Class Settings, this option will not display. Note: Future enroll dates are inclusive, i.e. the student is considered in class on that date.
Prorate tuition for drops during the Billing CycleWhen selected, Jackrabbit will prorate tuition for any student that drops during the Billing Cycle. Note: The drop date is exclusive, i.e. the student is not considered in class on that date.

This does NOT include students who are currently on the Waitlist. It includes students who have been enrolled into a class from the Waitlist and who still have the Enroll Type set to Waitlist.

Transaction Details

Transaction Type defaults to Tuition Fee.
Transaction TypeThe Transaction Type of Tuition Fee can not be changed.
Transaction SubtypeOptionally, add a Transaction Subtype to the tuition fee posting. Transaction Subtypes can be created/edited from the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Drop-down Lists (left menu) > Transaction > Transaction Subtypes.
NoteAdding a customized note is optional. If a note is entered, it displays after the Jackrabbit transaction note. The notes column is limited to 200 characters.

Additional Discount

Define an Additional Discount to be applied to the tuition fees as well as your other discounting and/or prorating.

See our Help article Post Tuition Fees - Additional Discount for more detail on these settings.

Advanced Detection

See our Help article Advanced Detection in Post Tuition Fees for more details on how this feature works.

Select the Detect duplicate tuition fees check box and enter a date range that you would like to check for any possible duplicate fees. Select the Detect dropped student fees checkbox to detect for duplicate fees.

Click Preview Tuition Fees to preview the tuition fee list. Duplicate fees are shown at the top of the list in yellow, they can be deleted so the family is not double charged.