Post Tuition Fees - Getting Started

Congratulations! You've taken the first step to saving yourself much time and frustration by starting to batch post your tuition fees to multiple families at once using the Post Tuition Fees function (Transactions menu).

The first thing you'll need to do is to review your Tuition Settings (from the Tools menu > Edit Settings). 

Jackrabbit has designed a Setup Wizard to step you through the Tuition Settings. The first time you go to Tools > Edit Settings > Tuition Settings you will be taken to the Wizard. The Wizard consists of five steps that take you through the set up of your:

  1. Tuition Billing Settings
  2. Discount Rules for Classes Billed by Tuition Fee
  3. Discount Settings for Classes Billed by Total Hours
  4. Prorating Options
  5. Tuition Fee Settings for Online and Quick Registrations

Once you have either completed all of the steps, or clicked I'm good...Let me skip this wizard!, all subsequent visits to Tools > Edit Settings > Tuition Settings will take you directly to the Manage your discounting & prorating settings page where you can access the various settings.

When you have finished the set up of your Tuition Settings, you are ready to post your tuition fees!