Parent Portal Enrollment FAQ

Can a Make-Up class, or a Drop, be scheduled in the Portal?

Can a student enroll but start at a later/future date?

How can I limit who is eligible to enroll based on prerequisite or skill level?

How can I limit who is eligible to enroll based on age or gender?

Can I prevent bad-paying customers from enrolling?

If a class is full, can a student get onto the Waitlist from the Portal?

My family in Loc ABC could not enroll into a class at Loc XYZ. Why not?

How can I have make-ups and waitlisters affect the availability (# of openings) in a class?

Why can't I have the system post a REGISTRATION Fee during a portal enrollment?

We get an individual confirmation for each class enrollment. Can't we just receive ONE per family?

Will the class Instructor be emailed when someone enrolls online into their class?

There is a comment field that can be required during class enrollment in the Parent Portal; where can I see what the customer entered there?