General Parent Portal FAQ


How do I install the Portal link into my website?
By inserting one line of code (a link) into your website editor. Follow the instructions on the Test Your Parent Portal Link page.
How do I add my company Logo onto the left side of the Portal Login page?
Go to  Tools > Edit Settings > Organization Logo and follow instructions. Pixel size matters - keep it small. 
A message says the portal isn't "active" - what is wrong?
Go to  Tools>Parent Portal>Settings tab and click the first/top box to "activate" or "turn on" your portal. Save.  This will automatically add a link to the top of your Registration Form giving returning customer...
Where should I put the Portal log-in link on my website? and what should I call it?
The best place is in the Header so that is accessible from every page on your site.  If you can not alter your header, then the Home page and any Registration pages should be used. Make it noticeable and encourage your clients to use it often t...
How can I post some specific "documents" inside of the Portal?
On the News and Announcements page (which your customers see as soon as they are logged in) you can link to various pdf documents that you create (such as Recital Requirements, Newsletters, etc).  For instructions on using images and links in t...
How can I sell my Store Items in the portal?
Online registrations and enrollments are for Classes and Events only.  We do not have a module integrating Store items.
Can the families in the Lead File use the portal?
No. Families/Contacts in your Lead File do not have an email address in your main database, therefore, they can NOT access the Portal.  Please see our Restore a Lead to your Main Database page to enable a family in your Lead File to use the...
What and where is my Org ID?
Each database has a unique 5 or 6 digit organizational identification number, called an Org ID.  Go to Tools > My Account or Tools > Online Web Registration and it is shown in blue.
Where can I see the comments a parent makes when enrolling in the Portal?
The comments a parent adds when enrolling in the Parent Portal can be seen in a few different spots. For an Individual Family Enrollment Notification The Enrollment Notification that is emailed to your organization when a parent enrolls in the...
Can families see Transaction Notes in the Parent Portal?
Transaction Notes are a great place to add additional information about a particular transaction.  Families can view these Transaction Notes in the Parent Portal whether they are using a computer, smartphone or tablet. After logging in t...