Next Generation Jackrabbit Resources

Improving the tools you need to run your business is always at the heart of our enhancements as we strive to make your workflows more efficient. 

The New Simplified menu builds the foundation for exciting new enhancements that will help you and your team work smarter, not harder. And with the Next Generation grids, you can expect to complete many of your tasks from one more hopping around (shameful bunny pun intended)! 

We understand that change can be difficult and muscle memory is real so we have compiled these Jackrabbit resources to help you learn exactly how these improved tools and reorganized menus work to maximize your efficiency! 

The Menu Changes - Help! Where is it now?

Bookmark the article Classic Menu to the New Simplified Menu - A Map of the Changes which takes you through the before and after of each menu illustrating what was removed from each menu and where it went and what is new to each menu and where it came from.
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Check out the Jackrabbit YouTube playlist Jackrabbit Navigation which includes a short video tour of the new menu and several other quick video tutorials on the new Next Generation pages.
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Review the most frequently asked questions about the New Simplified Menu and Next Generation Jackrabbit.
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Next Generation Jackrabbit Resources


Other Resources

Read these awesome blog articles
Watch the on-demand webinar, The New Simplified Menu, where our Training Specialist, Marie, walks you through the changes. Learn how to use All Classes in place of  Classes > Search and all about the changes made to each menu on the Main Menu bar (blue menu).
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Check out the Magical Minute with Marie series which includes five short (< 3 min) videos. Learn how to work with the Next Generation grids including filtering, customizing views, and taking action with multiple records at once...all in less time than it takes to brew your morning coffee!
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