Recital Management - An Overview

Watch a short (1:50) video tutorial for an overview of the Recital Module

Jackrabbit's Recital feature makes it easy to create a recital, or multiple recitals. Users can:

  • create a recital or create multiple recitals
  • create performances, including music choices, within the recital
  • select classes and / or students for each performance using drag & drop
  • exclude non-participating students
  • create performance gaps and conflict reports
  • arrange / re-arrange performance order with drag & drop
  • sync with class additions, drops, etc.
  • export the recital performance order to Excel or Word
  • create multi-family and multi-recital reports

Create a recital in 5 easy steps:

  1. Create a New Recital
  2. Add Performances to the Recital
  3. Add Classes (Students) to the Performances
  4. Finalize Recitals
  5. Work with Recital Programs

The Recital Management module is defaulted 'on' for users of the Dance, Music, Class, and Mastermind editions of Jackrabbit. It can be 'turned on' for Swim, Dojo, and Cheer users by going to Tools > Manage Users & Permissions. Select a User ID; select User Permissions from the left menu; scroll to the Events section; check Recital Module; and Save Changes.