Recreate your Search Favorites in All Students

Favorites are an excellent way to save time and to ensure you are running reports consistently. If you already knew this, you have probably created Favorites in Search Students (aka Classic Search). 

There is a new and improved way to search for students using filters in All Students. You'll notice that the Search option has now been removed from the Students menu. For a while, to help during the transition, you can still access Classic Search, from the Filter  icon in All Students.

But what about your existing Favorites in the Classic Search? You'll need to go through a one time process to migrate your Favorites from Classic Search over to All Students. This is a quick and easy process, a new Favorite can be created in less than one minute (see the video below for proof)!

Follow the steps below to recreate your Favorites in All Students

  1. Go to All Students in the Students menu and click on the Filter icon.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the filters and select Classic Search. A new browser window will open to Classic Search (Search Students).
  3.  In Classic Search, click Favorites to open the Select Favorite window and select a favorite search to recreate, click Load. All of the saved criteria for the Favorite are displayed highlighted in yellow.
  4. Navigate back to the browser window with All Students open to the filters.
  5. Use the search field at the top to locate the filters using their title on Classic Search as the keyword, e.g., if the criteria in Classic Search was called "T-Shirt Size" enter "t-shirt" to locate the filter.
    Work back and forth between the two browser windows to select all of the filters needed for the Favorite. 
  6. When all filters have been selected, click Apply.
  7. On the All Students page, click on the Saveicon and name the Favorite, determine whether you want to make the view you've selected in the grid (column sorting, grouping, etc.) your default view, and choose whether or not you want to share the Favorite with other Users in your Jackrabbit database. Click Save. You will see a confirmation that the Favorite has been added.

That's Favorite created!

When you go to All Students and want to use a Favorite, click the Star icon to select the Favorite you want to load.

Here's a quick video (53 seconds) showing a Favorite being created in All Families; the process is the same for All Students. For easier viewing use the full screen video control on the bottom right. Note: This video was recorded without audio.