Refund FAQ


I don't see the column that the R icon is supposed to be in. Why can't I see it?
In order to see the R icon column and refund payments, you need the Post a Refund  user permission checked for your user ID. User permissions are updated under the Gear (icon) > Settings >  Users & Permissions User IDs (lef...
I have permission to post refunds, but there is no R icon next to a payment. Why?
If a payment has already been fully refunded, the R icon is no longer visible
Why is the Refund button still available if I'm supposed to use the R icon?
As we transition to the new way of handling refunds, we left the Refund button in place, however, it now opens with a list of the family's last 20 payments.
Are special permissions required to void / refund a credit card directly through Jackrabbit?
Users will need the following permissions to refund cards directly through Jackrabbit: Void on Card permission checked to void credit cards directly through Jackrabbit.  Refund on Card  permission checked to refund cards directly t...
How do I know the eCommerce void or refund 'went through' and ended up on the customer's credit card?
You can confirm the void or refund by logging into your Virtual Terminal .  You should have been provided login information by your gateway provider.   You can access your Virtual Terminal login page in Jackrabbit by going to the Gear...
I voided / refunded a credit card in my Virtual Terminal. How can I record it in Jackrabbit?
If you void or refund an eCommerce payment in your Virtual Terminal , you can still record it in Jackrabbit. When you click the R icon in Jackrabbit, you'll notice an alert that indicates if the eCommerce payment has already been voided, ...
Can I refund an eCommerce credit card transaction with a different payment method? In other words, can I refund a $50 eCommerce Visa credit card payment with a $50 check?
Yes, you are able to use the Refund by Different Payment  Method button to issue the refund with a different method of payment. This refund transaction will not be sent to the gateway and will not be put onto the credit card. See Refund a S...
I noticed when a Void is handled, there is a Send Void Receipt checkbox. Who gets this email receipt?
The email associated with the credit card involved is sent the void receipt.
Can I void or refund a bank draft / ACH payment through Jackrabbit?
At this time, a bank draft void or refund must be handled in your Virtual Terminal and manually entered into Jackrabbit. See Refund/Void ePayments - An Overview for further details. ...
Can I refund a Store item?
Yes.  See Store Refunds .  Also see Store / Point of Sale .
I need to cancel a refund. How can I stop the refund from being processed?
If you need to cancel (or void) a refund that was processed in Jackrabbit, you can stop the process by logging into your Virtual Terminal , as long as the refund has not settled. See Set a Settlement Schedule for your Gateway for more information...
Can I void credit card payments associated with store items?
Yes, however, voided items are not returned to inventory unless you also delete the fee associated with the item.  
Can I return items into inventory when I'm refunding store items?
Yes. See Store Refunds . Also see Store / Point of Sale .
Do store reports include refund details?
Yes.  The Sales Detail , Profit , and Item Tax Reports include refund details.
Do the revenue graphs on the Executive Dashboard reflect refunds?
Yes. The Current vs. Prior Year Revenue chart, the 12-month trailing revenue - Bar Chart , and the Current vs. Prior 2 Years Revenue chart show adjusted revenue (revenue - refunds = adjusted revenue).
I processed a refund for a family but their account isn't right. What can I do?
Click the Support icon (?) in your database to email Support.  Provide as much detail as possible, and a Support team member will help you get the family account corrected. ...
Can an ePayment refund be made to a different card?
No. When an ePayment is made using a credit card, a TransID is assigned to that transaction. The TransID links the ePayment to that specific credit card through the gateway. When attempting to refund back to a different card, that is called a &lsquo...