Refund FAQ

I don't see the column that the R icon is supposed to be in. Why can't I see it?

I have permission to post refunds, but there is no R icon next to a payment. Why?

Why is the Refund button still available if I'm supposed to use the R icon?

Are special permissions required to void / refund a credit card directly through Jackrabbit?

How do I know the eCommerce void or refund 'went through' and ended up on the customer's credit card?

I voided / refunded a credit card in my Virtual Terminal. How can I record it in Jackrabbit?

Can I refund an eCommerce credit card transaction with a different payment method? In other words, can I refund a $50 eCommece Visa credit card payment with a $50 check?

I noticed when a Void is handled, there is a Send Void Receipt checkbox. Who gets this email receipt?

Can I void or refund a bank draft / ACH payment through Jackrabbit?

Can I refund Store items using the refunds enhancement?

Can I void credit card payments associated with store items?

Can I return items into inventory when I'm refunding store items?

Do store reports include refund details?

Do the revenue graphs on the Executive Dashboard reflect refunds?

I processed a refund for a family but their account isn't right What can I do?