Contact Listing Report

Located on the Families tab in the Families/Students section of the Reports menu, the Contact Listing Report creates a listing of your contacts based on specific search criteria. 

You are able to filter your list of contacts with the following criteria:

  • Location (Family)
  • Family status
  • Contact type (Primary, Billing, Authorized)
  • Email address
  • City, State, and Zip
  • Contact's month of birth
  • Contact's employer &/or employer title
  • Email &/or text opt in/out status
  • Date the Contact record was created
  • Date the Contact record was last updated
  • Date the Contact record was imported
  • Ability to log into the Parent Portal
  • Member ID 

Using your selected criteria, Jackrabbit will compile a listing of contacts who meet ALL of the criteria chosen. 

In the report results, using the Show/Hide Columns button, you have the option to select which columns of information for the contacts that you want displayed. 

Available columns are:

Business Scenario

You would like to find contacts who are authorized to login to the Parent Portal, but who have never logged in and send them an email to encourage them to start using their Portals.

The Contact Listing Report pictured above was created using two criteria filters:

  1. Family Status = Active
  2. Can Login to Portal = Yes

The report results include all contacts that have Allow to login to Parent Portal  selected in their Contact record. To keep the report clear and concise, 14 columns of information not related to Parent Portal use were hidden (as shown in the Show/Hide Columns image above).

Using the checkbox in the Email All column, you will select those contacts who do not have a date/time in the Last Login column and then click the Email button to compose and send the email. A copy of this email will be retained in the Family record, on the Misc tab for 180 days.