Costume Listing Report

The Costume Listing Report is a great way to see costumes listed by class.

From the Reports menu > Costumes, select Costume Listing by Class.

  • Check costume details prior to placing costume orders.
  • Verify costume deposit and list price amounts prior to posting costume fees.
  • Ensure that all classes have a costume assigned as you prepare for your performance.

Search Criteria

Use the Search Criteria to narrow down the results to the costumes you want to work with. 

The Report Results

The gender listed on the Costume Listing Report refers to the gender assigned to the costume.

  • The Show/Hide Columns button allows you to customize your report by selecting which information to display. 
    • Select Apply to have these selections applied to only the report you are currently viewing. 
    • Select Apply & Save to have these selections applied and saved to your User ID. When logged in as your User ID, you will see only the columns of information you chose previously. Other Users will see the columns they selected and saved, which may differ from yours.
  • Use Restore Columns to view all available columns.