Reports FAQ

What causes blank search results?

Can Jackrabbit memorize reports used repeatedly?

Can I sort reports by column heading?

Which reports provide tax details?

Why do I not see an Export button on the report I generated?

Why do I not see a Print button on the report I generated?

How do I stop my pop-up blocker from preventing reports from displaying?

What is a PDF file? Why won't PDF files load on my computer?

Why is the statement address incorrect for the family?

We have multiple locations and the business address is not the correct location's address on our statement / invoice.

Printed labels for mailing statements / invoices are skewing / off.

How do I show the current balance on a statement / invoice?

Why isn't there a tax column on my statement?

How do we print or email year end statements for our customers?

Is there a report that shows the families who have spent the most money with us? Our top customers?