The Road to Reopening

It has been a very bumpy road, but now it's time for us to look forward to when everyone can get back to doing what they love, and kids can get back to class! 

We are hard at work gathering resources to help you get there. Visit this roadmap often for more tips to help you along the Road to Reopening!

lGet Ready...lGet Set...l

As you are starting on the Road to Reopening, here are some things to consider:

  • Are you up on your local government reopening guidelines?
  • What will be needed to get your facility ready to open?
  • Will you need to create new policies and procedures regarding health and safety?
  • Are you thinking of updating your curriculum or modifying your classes? 
  • How will you handle classes that were missed due to the closure?
    • Do you need to post credits to your families?
    • Will you offer makeups? What is your capacity for makeups?
    • Are you offering discounts to families who stayed with you during the closure?

The answers to these questions can help you to outline your plan, which will determine your next steps.

Check out The ultimate guide to reopening a business after coronavirus closure for additional tips on things you can do to prepare your business to reopen.

Now that you have your plan, you'll want to start communicating it to your families and your staff. Parents will want to know what you're doing to ensure the safety of their children.

Jackrabbit makes it simple for you to email and/or text your parents with important information such as your planned reopening date, new policies and procedures, and new class (or session) availability. By updating your policies and informing your parents with what changes to expect, you can set yourself up for a seamless reopening and ensure your families' health and safety.


Let your staff and your families know what to expect in the coming 3 weeks.

New Classes

Consider your new class structure.

Policy Agreements

Update agreement text (legalese) following these steps: 

Step 1: Go to Tools > Online Web Registration > Agreement Text (Legalese on left). Update the Title and Agreement Text and select the Order the item should appear in the agreement list. See Edit your Agreement Text Legalese.

Step 2: Go to Tools > Parent Portal > Settings (tab) > Family/Student Information > Policies Agreement Date and select the date you want the parents to agree with the policies. See Update the policies agreement date.

Step 3: Email your families to let them know they need to agree to the new terms in the Parent Portal. Use one of the stylized templates we created for your use in the email Message section (_Reopen Policies_Procedures-New-1 through 6). Add additional information in the email plus a link to your Parent Portal. See Email Families.

Step 4: Confirm which families have signed the legal agreement by running the Search Families report. Go to Families (menu) > Search. Set Has agreed to Policies to No and choose a date. Under Display Settings set Show Portal/Agree fields to Yes. Click Submit. Any family that did not sign an agreement will display in the list.


You may experience staff turnover or the need to hire additional staff after reopening.

Other Considerations

  • Explain your new cleaning process, distancing guidelines, and expectations. 
  • Contactless payment is safe for the 'new normal'; consider setting up ePayments in Jackrabbit.
  • Social distancing is not going away anytime soon...offer a way for your parents to view their students without physically being in your facility.
    • Create a virtual viewing room with Jackrabbit's Spot TV integration.

As you prepare to reopen, you may also want to consider how to ensure your business and financial health. Jackrabbit and our partners are committed to helping you through that. Reach out to these additional resources for more information for your next steps to reopening your business after coronavirus closures.

As you get set for your reopening, and have more details about how you will be proceeding, it is important to share this information with your families.

The Parent Portal is the one-stop shop for your parents to enroll their children in your classes, agree to your updated policies, and view your communications. It provides a contactless (and paperless) solution for getting students into the right classes while ensuring capacity isn't surpassed. During a time where social distancing is the new normal, the Parent Portal is more valuable than ever!


Let your families know what to expect in the coming 2 weeks.

Get some tips on how to market to new students and rebuild your relationship with withdrawals.


Make sure that all updates to your classes are reflected in the Class records in Jackrabbit.

  • Do your plans for reopening include changes to your classes like smaller class max size or new instructors?
  • Do you need to open online enrollment for new classes?


It's time to get your instructors ready to return to teaching classes.

  • Review staff availability and adjust standard hours and exceptions if needed.
  • Ensure that all staff certifications are up to date to avoid any last minute issues.
  • After reopening, staff members and instructors may hold new roles within your organization. Get everyone up to speed with Jackrabbit using our new  Training System.

Get some tips on how to educate your staff on procedure and plan changes after coronavirus closure.

Jackrabbit Enhancements

Jackrabbit has been hard at work fast-tracking enhancements to assist you with your reopening. Review the recent enhancements on your Dashboard or go to Tools > Recent Enhancements to see a complete listing. 

Knowing how to use the latest enhancements will save you time and make reopening easier and more efficient.

Take this time to review your Jackrabbit database with a specialist to make sure you are utilizing the new features needed for a smooth transition into reopening. Schedule a checkup call!

Congratulations! All the hard work and planning you've done to reopen your doors is definitely going to pay off! We have put together some additional resources for you to use now that your business is reopening.

Jackrabbit Resources 
Road to Reopening ChecklistDownload, print, and tick-all-the-boxes in this checklist to be sure you have the last minute items ready for reopening.
Jackrabbit Webinars
  • It's Time to Reopen: Reviewing Jackrabbit Workflows (recorded) -
    Topics covered include:
    • Set up and transition to new sessions
    • Add new legal agreements and ensure parents agree to them
    • Apply mass credits to your family accounts
    • Allow your parents to submit absences and schedule makeups
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del: Road to Reopening (recorded) - A review and discussion about Jackrabbit's recommended Action Plan for reopening your business.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del: Hear from Your Peers (recorded) - Hear from a panel of industry representatives from dance, gymnastics, and swim who will share their thoughts and processes for reopening their organizations.
Jackrabbit Training SystemUse our customized training to brush up on all things Jackrabbit!
Newest Jackrabbit Video!Submit an Absence/Schedule a Makeup in the Parent Portal - Custom email templates (#136, #137) have been created for your use with links to this video. You can email your families and introduce them to this latest Jackrabbit feature. 
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