Improvements to Searching Students

You have so much information on all of your students...being able to sift through all of that data to find specific pieces of information is crucial. Jackrabbit has made incredible improvements to this process in the new All Students page.

Everything you are used to and more! Let's have a look at some of the changes.

Classic Search (before)Filtering in All Students (after)
  • Search Students started from zero and built a list of students.

  • All Students starts with just that... a list of ALL students!

  • The list was created using Search Criteria to pick which students you wanted to add to the list.

  • Filters are used to narrow the list down to a specific group of students. These filters are organized into sections located in a drawer that is accessed with the Filter icon .

  • There was no way to locate specific criteria (other than using CTRL F).
  • A search field allows you to easily locate a specific filter using a keyword search.  
  • Display Settings, along with the Show/Hide Column option, controlled which columns of information were displayed in the search results.

  • From any column menu, select the columns of information to display in the grid (60+ columns to choose from!).
  • There were links for each student on the list.

    • Go to the Student record
    • Go to the Family record
    • Open your default email editor (outside of Jackrabbit) with the Primary Contact email address pre filled
  • A row menu offers options for working with each student on the list individually.

    • Go to the Student record
    • Enroll the student in classes
    • Email the student's schedule
    • Create a Student Information Sheet
    • Record an absence or attendance
    • Add a note to the student's record
  • Favorites allowed you to save your selected Search Criteria to be able to reload it quickly and ensure consistency. These Favorites could be shared with other Users in your Jackrabbit database.

  • Save your selected filters as a Favorite and optionally share it with other Users in your Jackrabbit database.
  • Save your column selections, sorting, and grouping as your default view. Whenever you come back to All Students your view will reset to that.
  • You could email multiple students from the search results.

  • You can email multiple students from the list.
  • Several "mass actions" save you time by allowing you to work with multiple students at once:
    • Update Student Fixed Fees
    • Add a note to the students' records
    • Clear UDF Answers

The grid where your filtered results display in All Students can be sorted, grouped, and more! Learn about Working with Grids in Jackrabbit.