Simplified Menu & Next Generation Jackrabbit - FAQs

Q. Do I have to select the filters and choose my columns every time I go back to the All Families page? I only want the page to show my active families and I have specific columns I want to see each time.

A. You can save a view (filters, sorting, columns) as a favorite and have All Families default to that each time you open the page. This option is also available on the All Students and All Classes pages. Learn how to Save & Load Your Favorite Grid Views.

Q. Where did Drop Unpaid Families move to from the Tools menu?

A. Drop Unpaid Families is now located in the Families menu.

  • To streamline your navigation in Jackrabbit, many of the options that were previously located in the Tools menu (e.g., Update Grade Levels and Drop Unpaid Families) have been relocated to the menu the option applies to.

Q. I need to work with Skills...where are those options now?

A. All Skills options are now located in the Classes (menu) > Skills (sub-menu).

Q. I need to work with Costumes...where are those options now?

A. Costume Management options are now located in the Classes (menu) > Costume Management (sub-menu).

Q. I  am used to selecting criteria to build the reports that I need. How do I use filters to find my information?

A. Muscle memory is real! You are used to building your reports from the ground up by selecting specific criteria. With filtering, you are working with all of your records and paring that down to just the group you are looking for. Check out the video tutorial Searching with Filters in Jackrabbit Grids.

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