Our staff had Time Clock Login IDs before the Staff Portal enhancement. Do they need to have a new Staff Portal Login ID now?

The addition of the Staff Portal has not changed your staff's previously used Time Clock Login IDs. Any Time Clock Login IDs that were in your staff records have just been relabeled to Staff Portal Login ID. There were no changes made to the actual IDs or their passwords. Those same credentials will now allow them to launch the Staff Portal, you do not need to issue another ID. If your previous Time Clock Login IDs were matched to a staff person that will also remain unchanged. The Staff Portal Login ID allows your staff to log into their Staff Portal where they are able to enter their time, view their schedules, take attendance, and update skills/levels if you utilize all portal features. When the staff person is linked to a Jackrabbit User ID they will also have access to your database with the Staff Portal Login ID and password.