Staff Portal FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding the Staff Portal


Is it possible to mark a student as tardy / late for class?
Yes, when you are using the Attendance feature in the Staff Portal you can track when students are late, leave early, or are just observing class.  Watch a (1:42) video tutorial on Tracking Late, Left Early, or Observing For studen...
Our staff had Time Clock Login IDs before the Staff Portal enhancement. Do they need to have a new Staff Portal Login ID now?
The addition of the Staff Portal has not changed your staff's previously used Time Clock Login IDs . Any Time Clock Login IDs that were in your staff records have just been relabeled to Staff Portal Login ID . There were no changes made to t...
How do I remove the flashing dashboard alert for incomplete portal attendance?
If you are utilizing the Attendance feature in the Staff Portal this alert will fall off the Executive Dashboard when the portal attendance for the classes has been completed. If you are not utilizing the Attendance feature and would like to remov...
Are my staff able to see their Events in the Staff Portal?
The My Schedule tab will show all classes and events the instructor is assigned to, however, it is not possible to take attendance for an event in the Staff Portal at this time.
What if a staff person forgets their Staff Portal Login ID?
On the Staff Portal login page there is a Forgot your password? link that a staff person can use to generate a password reset email. Note: If the staff person is not matched to a Jackrabbit database User ID you can generate this password reset e...
Why is the Email Password Reset Link button not working on the Staff record?
When a staff person is matched to a Jackrabbit User ID the Email Password Reset Email  button is grayed out. Staff that are matched to a User ID and use their Jackrabbit database login and password to login to the Staff Portal must reset their...
Can an inactive staff person log into the staff portal with their Staff Portal Login ID?
A staff member must be active in order to log into the Staff Portal.
Can we use a Kindle to access the Staff Portal?
Yes, you can access Jackrabbit's Staff Portal remotely using the Silk browser on a Kindle. You cannot, however, save an icon to the home screen for the remote access to be used like an app as you can with a smart phone, Android tablet, or Apple ...