Store FAQ

What is the difference between a Store account and a Family account?

I don’t want to use a Store Account, do I have to?

I have a Store Account, why isn’t it showing up in the Store Details in the Make a Sale screen?

How can I assign items to a specific store account? I want to sell food only through my snack bar account not my pro shop account.

Why can I sell an item even if the Quantity on Hand amount is 0 or a negative number?

How do I increase the Inventory Quantity On Hand?

Why can’t I select a class when I am Posting Fees?

How do I process a refund?

Does the store work with our web site allowing us to have online sales?

Can I print receipts to a receipt printer?

Does the Store interface with a Cash Drawer?

What type of Barcode Scanner should I get?

Can I use the same barcode scanner for both attendance tracking and the store?

Where can I get preformatted barcode labels?

What kind of credit card swipe reader should I get?

Why am I getting a decline response of "Encrypted Device" when I try to use my credit card reader?