Tuition Billing Method - By Total Hours

When the Tuition Billing Method of a class is set to By Total Hours tuition is calculated using the amount defined in the Tuition Fee field on the Class record > Summary tab, and duration of the class, in conjunction with a Fee Schedule you define.

For Per-Day classes, use the Tuition Billing Method of By Class Fee. When using the Tuition Billing Method of By Total Hours, the class hours are not included when determining the number of hours for a Student or a Family and the Tuition Fee that posts is determined by the amount in the 1 Day field, i.e., the Fee Schedule does not apply.

If all of your classes are billed based on total hours you will select only the By Total Hours method in your Tuition Settings (Tools > Edit Settings > Tuition Settings). Jackrabbit will set all existing and future classes to have a Tuition Billing Method of By Total Hours and will hide the Tuition Billing Method field on the Class record > Summary tab.

If you have some classes that are billed based on the tuition fee for a class, and you have also selected the By Class Fee Billing Method in your settings, you will need to make sure that each class is assigned a Billing Method.

Classes that do not have a Tuition Billing Method assigned are NOT pulled into tuition posting; they will not be included in the total hours calculation.

Tip: Use Edit All Classes from the Classes menu, and the search criteria Class Tuition Billing Method = No Value, to locate classes that do not have a Tuition Billing Method assigned.

Discounting Classes with By Total Hours Tuition Billing Method

There are two levels of discounting available for classes with a Tuition Billing Method of By Total Hours:

  1. Total Hours Discount: Calculated using the class tuition fee along with amount outlined for that class duration in the fee schedule.
  2. Multi-Student Discount: Calculated based on the number of students in the family taking classes and the discounts defined in your Total Hours Discount Settings.