Control Web Registration FAQ

How do I hide certain classes on my website, web registration form, and the parent portal?

How do I prevent a 3 year old from enrolling in a class that is for 5 year olds? (or a boy from enrolling into a girls only class)?

How can a student specify a future start date when enrolling online?

We offer some classes that are set up in the database as "Per-Day" classes - how does the student select which days to attend?

We sometimes offer free trial classes. How do I do that on the Registration form?

How do waitlists and makeups affect the availability of classes?

If a class is full, how can the student get onto the waitlist online?

I want to allow online registration for new customers, but I do NOT want them to be able to enroll into class(es).

How do I limit who is able to enroll into a class based on skill or other prerequisite?