Policies and Payments FAQ


How do I add my Legal Policies to the Registration Form?
Go to Tools > Online Web Registration > Agreement Text and add your policies there.  Details are covered in Web Registration Form - Agreement Text (Legalese) .  Note that all policies are statements that must be agreed to. There i...
Where does Jackrabbit store the customer's e-signature and the policies they agreed to?
Go to their Family record, on the MISC tab, select the "View Registrations" button and select the most recent WebReg or Portal Agreement and click "view".  See the Web Registration Form Submission page for complete details...
What if I have different sets of policies depending on the type of class?
Currently Jackrabbit only offers one "set" of Class Legal policies per database. (Events can have different Agreements per Event Type).
Do I have to have e-Commerce to use the online Registration?
No.  Online registration/enrollment are totally separate from online payments. 
Why doesn't the Registration Form charge my customer's credit card or bank account upon submission?
Jackrabbit NEVER automatically initiates charges to cards or bank accounts.  All charges are initiated and controlled by YOU. 
Can Jackrabbit automatically post a Registration fee?
Yes, it can for brand new families creating an account using the class Registration Form. Registration Fees (sometimes called Annual Fee, Session Fee, Semester Fee, New Client Fee, etc) can be automatically posted to the family account. This is cove...
Can Jackrabbit automatically post the class tuition(s)?
Yes, it can!  Under Tools > Edit Settings > Tuition Settings > Tuition Fee Settings , you have the option to post full tuition, post discounted tuition (if you discount), post prorated tuition (if you prorate), or post discounted an...
We are in a country where services (classes) are taxable - how do I make sure tax is also posted with the tuition fee?
Go to Tools>Edit Settings>Organization Defaults>Tax Settings  area and make your selections there and SAVE.