General Online Registration Form FAQ


What and where is my Org ID?
Each database has a unique 5 or 6 digit organizational identification number, called an Org ID.  Go to the Gear  (icon) > Account > My Account and it is shown in the My Account section. ...
How do I add my company logo onto the form?
Go to Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Organization Logo (left menu) and follow the instructions. Pixel size matters - keep it small!
How do I add the Online Registration Form link onto my website?
The best way to add the Online Registration Form to your website is by using Class Listings Tables as they include the live Register link built into the left side of each class and can be customized and are user-friendly for your customers. ...
Can I add a Facebook pixel to the Online Registration form?
No, at this time we do not have a way to add Facebook pixels, or other tracking cookies, into our registration forms.
How do I sell our "Store" items online?
Jackrabbit does not have a specific module for selling store items directly online. We do have an add-on feature that is a fully integrated mobile app - Jackrabbit Plus ! You can use the mobile app to sell and track virtual punch cards.  Refe...
What email is shown as the "from" address on the Customer's Confirmation email they receive?
The confirmation and notification emails will use the email address that you have entered under the Gear (icon) > Settings > Online Registration > Settings (left menu) > Email Confirmation Settings (section) > Notification Emails. ...
Will the class Instructor be emailed when someone enrolls online into their class?
Yes, if you have that setting turned on. Reference the Send Enrollment Email to Instructors section from Organization Default Settings: Class Settings. 
Where can I see Comments entered in the Questions or Concerns section of the Online Registration form?
Information entered in the Comments  text box located in the Questions or Concerns  section of the Online Registration form is displayed in 2 different places in Jackrabbit: Family record  - Click on the Misc  tab in any F...