Webinars - Live and Recorded

Live and On Demand webinars covering Jackrabbit's hottest topics!

Understanding ePayments: How They Can Help You Grow

Learn the benefits of using integrated ePayments, understand the ePayments ecosystem, and see a live demo of its ease of use.

Post Tuition Fees by Class Fee

Learn how to set up and post your tuition fees when you charge by class tuition fee.

Post Tuition Fees by Total Hours

Learn how to set up and post tuition fees when you charge tuition by total hours using a set fee schedule.

Staff Portal: What Can the Staff Portal Do for You?

Learn how you can use the Jackrabbit Staff Portal to easily communicate with your staff and how easy it will be for your staff to see their class schedules, and more!

Creating Events: Plan Your Events in Jackrabbit

The Events Management tool can be used for events such as birthdays, parents’ nights, open houses, and more. Learn how to create an event and how to post the Event Calendar on your website.

Stop the Clock! Utilizing Jackrabbit’s Time Clock

Learn how to utilize the Jackrabbit Time Clock. Save time and costs by saying good-bye to paper timesheets and manually counting staff hours.

Weekly Calendar – Your Command Central

Learn about the power of the Weekly View Calendar - it's sure to become your best friend!

Getting Started in Jackrabbit

Perfect for anyone new to Jackrabbit, or veteran users who want a refresher, this webinar walks you through getting started with Jackrabbit.

Store: How Point-of-Sale Power & the Jackrabbit Store Benefit You

In this webinar, we'll explore store features including: Inventory tracking; barcode scanning; secure credit card swipe reader; sales-related reports and more.

Website Integration – Incorporating Jackrabbit into Your Website

Join us as we demonstrate how to integrate your Jackrabbit database with your organization’s website. Take your business to the next level!

It’s Recital Time - Learn How Jackrabbit Can Help

Learn how to build your own custom recitals in Jackrabbit and then use that data to organize programs, queue sheets, backstage sign in/out sheets and more.

Web Registration & Parent Portal

Learn how use of the Web Registration Form and Parent Portal will optimize your interactions with existing and potential clients.

The Advantages of Integrating with Express Payroll: Save Time and Money!

Learn how integrating your Jackrabbit Time Clock with Express Payroll is a huge time and money saver! Current payroll Hot Topics are also covered.

Class Sessions – How They Work for You

Even if you run perpetual classes, the use of Sessions can be beneficial for your business. Join us as we review what Sessions are, how they are created, and see them in use.

Manage Costumes/Uniforms Better with Jackrabbit

This webinar provides an overview of the Costume/Uniform module.

Skills/Levels – Setup & Utilization

Join us as we go through Skills setup and working with Skills in Staff Portal. See how skills display in the Parent Portal.

Creating an App with Mobile Inventor

Ty McDowell, of Mobile Inventor, demonstrates how you can tap into the power and benefits of the Jackrabbit Parent Portal and put it into the hands of your clients to save time and money!

Use QuickBooks? Review QuickBooks Online Integration

The QuickBooks Online interface in Jackrabbit makes sending revenue totals quick and easy. Watch an On Demand webinar for an overview of this time saving feature.

Ways to Reduce Payroll Costs, Compensation Plans, & Process Streamlining

Spend an hour with Sean Dever of Express Payroll to learn how to reduce overall payroll costs, keep your taxes under control, and make the process more efficient.

Financial Wellness for your Business

Join us as Sean Dever, CPA and financial planner, discusses relevant topics that business owners and managers face today.

More Profitable Dance Recitals: Three BIG Money-Making Ideas

TutuTix Co-Founder Eric Housh shares his unique insight into best practices for making your recital as profitable as possible.

The Advantages of Jackrabbit Time Clock & Express Payroll: Saving Time and Money

Sean Dever, with Express Payroll, discusses how easy it is to integrate with Jackrabbit. Save time and money using Time Clock and Express Payroll.