Staff Portal Setup Step 2 - Auto Assign Portal Login ID

Do you have staff who only need Staff Portal access?

The second step of the guided setup gives you the option to auto-assign Portal Login IDs for those staff members that are NOT matched to a User ID  (see Staff Portal Setup Step 1 - Match Staff to User ID).  

The automatically assigned logins are in the format of the first initial and last name. 

All Portal Login IDs must be unique within your database. When there are two (or more) staff members with the same last name and first initial, Jackrabbit will add a number behind the second Staff Portal Login ID. Example: Sandi Olson and Stephanie Olson would be added as SOlson and SOlson1.

  • Use the Auto-Assign Portal Login ID button to generate the IDs.
  • If you do not want to use the auto-assign feature and would prefer to manually assign Portal Login IDs, click into the text box after the Staff Name to enter the preferred Portal Login ID.
  • If you wish to change a previously assigned, or auto-assigned, Portal Login ID click into the text box to edit.
  • SAVE and click OK in the confirmation window. Note: At this point you can opt to leave the setup and continue at a later time if desired.
  • Click GO TO STEP 3: SEND PORTAL LOGIN EMAIL → to advance to the next step. See Staff Portal Setup Step 3 - Send Portal Login Email.