Use the Paid Fees Report to Locate Unapplied Payments

We recommend that you run this report daily. It will help you determine if you have any revenue that isn't applied, so that you can investigate it and apply it to a fee(s) when possible. Note: If a family makes a prepayment on their account, it will remain unapplied until a user links it to fees posted after the payment was received.

  1. Go to the Transactions (menu) > Transaction Reports  or the Reports (menu) > Find Reports > Transactions/Financials (left menu) > Recommended (tab) and click Paid Fees.
  2. Select option for Do you want to limit the report to certain locations (defaults to No, show me all transactions).
  3. Enter a Date or a range of dates.
  4. Set Show Detail (under Display Settings) to Yes. This will show the family names and a breakdown of payments.
  5. Click Submit.

If any revenue is listed as Unapplied Payments, you'll want to see if it can be linked to a fee. In this example for Date Range 10/7/20 - 10/7/20, the Dierksen family has a $45 unapplied payment.

To determine if this payment can be applied to a fee:

  1. Go to the Dierksen family record and click the Transactions tab. Click the View Unapplied Credits & Unpaid Fees button (the button will be green to indicate there is an unapplied credit). The Search Transactions page opens and we see both the $45 unapplied payment (green Unpaid Amt field) and a $45 unpaid fee (pink Date Paid field). The family balance is correct at zero.
    • It is important to note that a family's balance is ALWAYS correct as simply the addition and subtraction of debits (fees) and credits (payments). It is possible, however, to have a zero balance on a family's account with fees still highlighted as unpaid because there will also be an unapplied credit on the account that needs to be linked to the fee.

  2. Click the Pencil icon on the Payment line to open the Edit Transactions box.
  3. Click Re-Apply Payment.
  4. In the Re-Apply Payment Transaction box, apply the payment to the correct fee by clicking on the fee line's Apply Amt field.
  5. Click Save Payment.

Run the Paid Fees Summary Report again, and the revenue is now properly applied to the Merchandise category.

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