Additional System Settings

Additional settings to optimize Jackrabbit.

General Settings - An Overview

How to further customize your database to meet the needs of your organization.

Closed Dates

This setting allows you to designate specific days your facility will be closed.

Organization Logo

Add your organization logo so it displays on the Online Registration form, Parent Portal Login screen, and Statements.

Tuition Settings

Set up your tuition settings and related rules and options, this impacts how Jackrabbit bills your families.

User-defined Fields

Custom fields that allow you to capture and store additional important information for your organization.

Email Notification Settings

Notification settings are a centralized location to designate or edit the email addresses that notifications are sent to.

Statement Settings

Customize the look of the statements sent to your families with several format options.

Text Messaging Settings

Jackrabbit has partnered with two text messaging providers to offer you the ability to send text messages to your families.