Time Clock Settings

These settings control how the Time Clock functions in your database.

Settings for the Staff Portal Time Clock

There are several settings that affect your Time Clock, some affect all staff and others are for individuals.

User Permissions for the Time Clock

Several User permissions control tasks in the Time Clock.

Time Clock Departments

Create Time Clock Departments to help you track hours that were worked in different areas of your organization.

Time Clock Pay Periods

A Pay Period is a recurring length of time when an employee's time is recorded and paid, this article discusses how to add a pay period.

Time Clock Time Entry Settings

Review the settings related to time entry in the Staff Portal.

Time Clock Export Settings - Express Payroll

Review this list to correctly set the export from Jackrabbit and the import into Express Payroll.

Time Clock Export Settings - QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

These items must be correctly set up for the export from Jackrabbit and the import into QuickBooks to work properly.