ePayments in Jackrabbit (Credit Card & Bank Account Draft)

Payments transmitted electronically over the internet in Jackrabbit

ePayment Resources

Easy access to information that will help you understand, get set up with, and get help with ePayments in Jackrabbit

ePayments - An Overview

An overview of ePayments in Jackrabbit

Understand ePayments

Learn about the ePayments environment, PCI Compliance, and the Virtual Terminal

Get Set Up for ePayments

Who to contact and settings related to ePayments

Use ePayments in Jackrabbit

Once you're set up, learn how to process ePayments

The True Cost of Credit Cards - Understanding Your Quoted Rate

Information to help you understand rates versus real costs

Credit Card Surcharges and Convenience Fees

Jackrabbit can't automatically add fees to payments made using a credit card. Learn more about these fees