Customize / Edit a Jackrabbit Email Template

An email template contains basic information and formatting so that it can be re-used and edited whenever needed. Jackrabbit offers a comprehensive list of typically-used templates, each with full-color graphics and standard wording.  Any of these templates can be edited and customized from the Gear (icon) > Settings > Email Templates.

Many of the templates have placeholder images for your business logo. You can easily delete the placeholder and replace with your company logo.

Some of the information in the templates is sample content. Make sure you change all of the dates, times, locations, etc. in a template before you send it.

We have design many GENERAL templates for any industry as well as INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC templates that have industry-specific content and images:

  • 100's : General templates for any industry
  • 200's : DANCE templates
  • 300's : GYMNASTICS templates
  • 400's : SWIM related templates
  • 500's : CHEER related templates

Customize or Edit an Email Template

  1. Go to the Gear (icon) > Settings > Email Templates.
  2. Click the name of the template on the List Templates page, you'd like to customize. (You can see what any template looks like by clicking the eye icon.)
  3. Make any changes (such as adding your logo, changing dates, etc.).
  4. Click Save Changes.

Type in part of the Email Template name in the search box under the Name column to find the template you want quickly!

Add a Link to Your Parent Portal in an Email Template

  1. Get your parent portal link. It will be "" (Replace XXXXXX with YOUR Jackrabbit Org ID#).
  2. Highlight the text that you want to convert to a link.
  3. Click on the Insert/Edit Link button in the email editor toolbar.
  4. Add your parent portal link in the URL field and click Insert.

Add Your Organization's Logo in an Email Template

Your logo image must be located somewhere on the internet that you can link to. A common location is a sub-folder on your website.

  1. Get the link (URL) to your logo's online location.
  2. Place your cursor exactly where you want your logo to show in your email.
  3. Click on the Insert/Edit Image button in the email editor toolbar.
  4. Add your logo link in the URL Location field and click Insert.

It is also possible to edit an email template immediately prior to sending it by selecting the template from the list of drop-down choices in the Email editor and making changes to the body of the template prior to sending.  Note: This type of temporary edit is not saved to the template for future use and is only sent to the recipients selected.


Your school is closing on a Tuesday due to inclement weather, and you need to notify families of students enrolled in Tuesday classes. In All Families filter for students enrolled in Tuesday classes only Enrollment > Days - Select all that apply, click Send Message (icon)and define your audience. Select the 113 Weather Closing template. Update the day and date of the closing within the message.

By editing the template here, the email recipients receive the edited information but the information is not saved to the template for future use.