Manage Jackrabbit User IDs

Every User requires a valid and unique User ID to access Jackrabbit.

What is a Jackrabbit User ID?

Overview information for User ID credentials and brief description.

Jackrabbit User ID Passwords

Jackrabbit User ID passwords are case sensitive and can be reset in several ways.

Add / Revoke a Jackrabbit User ID

Detailed instructions to Add or Revoke a User ID.

Clone a User ID

Creating a duplicate User ID with the same permissions saves time.

User Roles

Stay informed of product updates, receive time-saving tips, and more by defining the roles that best describe a User's responsibilities.

Permissions for Jackrabbit Users

Information about User ID Permissions to help safeguard your data.

Protect Your Account - Guidelines for User Permissions

Provide Users with the right user permissions.

Update a Jackrabbit User's Email Address

All User IDs need a valid email address in the system.

User ID Login Status

Normal, revoked, or locked out are the three statuses for User IDs.

Log in to Jackrabbit - Login Pages Defined

Your role defines where you will need to log in for Jackrabbit access.

User ID Activity Tracking

Jackrabbit offers visibility into the activities of each User ID.

Search User Activity

The User Activity report gives you insights into actions Users have taken.

View User Activity

View recent User's activity on an account for the past 2 days.