Student Detail Report

The Student Detail report provides you with a list of students based on filters (Search Criteria) you select.

You can find this report under the Students (menu) > Student Reports or the Reports (menu) > Families/Students (left menu) > Recommended (tab) > Student Detail Report

  • Customize a student report with filters including age, birth month, gender, and classes they are enrolled in.
  • Send an email to all, or only some, of the students directly from the report results.
  • Sort and filter columns of report results using the flexible grid design.

Save this as a frequently used report! Click the heart (icon)next to a report name, the heart will change to redand the report will be listed under the Reports (menu) > My Reports for quick and easy access!

Business Scenario

You would like to email your families with students who have birthdays in May and invite them to have a birthday celebration at your facility. 

To create this report, select the following Search Criteria: Birth Month = May. The report results will include all students with a birthday in the month of May.

Search Criteria

You can filter your list of students using any or all of the available Search Criteria and Jackrabbit will compile a report of students who meet ALL of the criteria chosen. In this example, we have selected May.

Report Results

The report results can be further customized to show or hide columns of information, sort, and filter columns, or modify column width. You can send an email or print directly from the report results.

  • Send Messages - leave the 1st column unchecked and click on the Send Message (icon)to send birthday emails to all students in the grid. Or you can select a single student or group of students in the 1st column to send a message.
  • Refresh the data - click the Refresh Grid (icon) to update results in the grid if you make updates.
  • Print or Export - click the More (icon)to print or export the data to Excel.

Note: Depending on the width of the report, reduce the size/scale of the report so all the columns print.

Refer to Work with Grids in Jackrabbit for more details on how easy and flexible these grids are to work with. You can filter, sort, hide, lock, and adjust your report results.