Family Address Listing Report

The Family Address Listing report can be found on the Families tab in the Families/Students section of the Reports menu. This report creates a listing of families based on various search criteria available to choose from. You are able to customize the report to include only the columns of information that are important to you!

If you use this report frequently, make it a Favorite Report to allow you quick and easy access!

Business Scenario

You would like to send a Happy Birthday email to contacts in your active families who have a birthday in the coming month.

The Family Address Listing Report pictured above was created using two search criteria filters:

  1. Status (Family) = Active
  2. Contact Birth Month from Nov through Nov

The report results include all contacts with a Contact Birth Month of 11 in the Additional Information section of their Contact record.

Use the Email button to open the Jackrabbit email editor where you can select an email template or create a new birthday greeting. A history of this email is kept in the Family record, on the Misc tab > View Sent Emails for 180 days.

Search Criteria

You are able to filter your list of families with the following search criteria:

  • Location
  • Family status
  • Family balance from and through
  • City, State, and Zip
  • Neighborhood
  • Registration month
  • Family discount (Yes/No) and discount amount
  • Source (found on the Misc tab of the Family record)
  • Session the students in the Family record are enrolled in
  • Category 1 the students in the Family record are enrolled in
  • Birth month, from and through, of Contacts in the Family record
  • Date the Family record was created in your database
  • Date the Family record was last updated in your database
  • Date the Family record was imported into your database
  • Contract start and end date from and through (found on the Misc tab of the Family record)

Using your selected criteria, Jackrabbit will compile a listing of families who meet ALL of the criteria chosen.

The Report Results

In the report results, using the Show/Hide Columns button, you have the option to select which columns of information for the families that you want displayed.

Available columns of information are: